For the Love of Shakti Luxury Retreat
A Retreat Led by and in Support of the Divine Feminine

 August 25th- September 1st

Villa Sumaya Retreat Center

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

8 Days/7Nights

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Mayan Fire Ceremony

Various Spa Options

Delicious Organic Meals

$1750 shared. 

$2050 Private Queen


Children Welcome & Childcare Available


For the Love of Shakti

A Retreat Led by and in Support of the Divine Feminine


This is not a women’s retreat.

This is not a men’s retreat.

This is not a couples retreat.


This is a retreat with significant intention. The intention is to heal the imbalance between the masculine and feminine.

The very fabric of the universe is held together by two forces: raw, unconditioned energy (Shakti), and pure, unconditioned consciousness (Shiva).


For the universe to take form and for experience to emerge, Shiva and Shakti work together in union, for energy without consciousness is aimless and blind; consciousness without energy is dormant and inert.

Shakti represents the divine feminine and the creative principle; Shiva, the sacred masculine and the canvas upon which Shakti paints her masterpieces. Hence, it is in tandem that the masculine and feminine must heal each other and come to balance.

You may have noticed that there are many “women's retreats” available and we feel that these retreats are very important and we support this type of work.  Yet, sometimes these retreats can unintentionally end up focusing on the destructive or harmful aspects of the masculine. This unconscious reaction is understandable as there is an imbalance within our culture and society in favor of the masculine.  

Unfortunately, if there is an overly negative focus towards the masculine can actually perpetuate and feed energy into the imbalance between the feminine and masculine rather than bringing harmony between the two.

This retreat aims to explore the ways in which the feminine and masculine can come together and heal each other through connection, cooperation and balance. 

We agree that our society is currently out of balance, with the masculine being in the forefront.

Because of this imbalance we feel it is important that this retreat will be led by the feminine principal, within the container of the loving mother. 

This feminine principal will be represented by Jess.  She will be leading ceremonies, cooking and pouring the medicine.  Jess will be infusing our work with the nurturing and compassionate energy you know her for.


This retreat is for women who are ready to open up and bloom in the presence and support of the masculine, at the same time supporting their brothers in healing around the feminine.

This retreat is for men who recognize and feel that the most effective way for them to heal their relationship with the feminine is through openness, vulnerability and unconditional support.


- 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies Led by Jess

- Mayan Fire Ceremony

- Post Ceremony Integration Circles

- Heart Opening Integration Circles to  create a safe, non-judgmental space where both women and men can discuss and communicate the points of confusion between the masculine and feminine and generate clarity on how to relate with and support one another.

- “Building the Bodhicitta body” Meditations.  “Bodhicitta” is a sanskrit term that is generally translated as “enlightened mind”: “Bodhi” meaning “enlightened” or “awakened” and “citta” meaning “that which is conscious.” However, if we delve deeper into the body of bodhicitta meditation practices, we find that the mind is actually the source of duality and illusion, while the heart is the source of pure consciousness. Thus, the term “bodhicitta” actually refers to an awakened heart. So, it is through daily embodiment meditations focused on opening the heart center that we will clear and widen our energy channels dedicated to both relative and unconditional compassion for all sentient beings.

- Diad, or partner meditations will also be an important part of our practice. Note that these practices do not require that you attend the retreat with a partner.


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