La Familia Ayahuasca Scholarship Program

La Familia Ayahuasca feels strongly that access to this work be as open as possible.  This is one of the reasons our location is closer to N. America and Europe and our pricing is set firmly in what might be considered “mid-range” in terms of Ayahuasca retreat costs.


That said, we recognize that there is still a portion of the population that may find it difficult to travel to Guatemala or S. America and cover the full cost of a retreat.


At the same time there are real costs involved with food, lodging, local staff and of course the medicine itself.  In addition, we have found that it is extremely important for anyone doing this work to have “skin in the game” such that there is some sort of “energy exchange” or reciprocity.


It is with all of this in mind when we designed the La Familia Ayahuasca Scholarship Program.

 La Familia Ayahausca Scholarship Program Details

  • Minimum 2 spaces per retreat will be open to scholarship recipients.  We hope to have the ability to increase this to 4-6 spaces per retreat over time.  This will depend on the growth and funding of the program (see funding details below).

  • Up to 50% of retreat cost can be covered by this scholarship.  Travel costs are not covered and the remaining 50% of the retreat cost will be the responsibility of the scholarship recipient.


                               La Familia Ayahuasca Scholarship Application Process

1) Please listen to the ENTIRE podcast titled "La Familia Ayahuasca Scholarship Program" which you can find by clicking here.(Soundcloud).  It is also available on iTunes and Stitcher under "Ayahuasca Family".  Please complete this step before moving on to the subsequent steps of the process.

2) The candidate must fill out an application form- find the "Click Here to Apply for Scholarship" below. 

The application will require a detailed explanation financial hardship and will include an essay requirement wherein the applicant will have the opportunity to explain why they want to work with Ayahuasca and with La Familia Ayahuasca.


3) Application deadline is 60 days prior to the retreat start date.  Scholarships will be awarded 45 days prior to the retreat start date.

4) La Familia Ayahuasca will review the application and contact the best candidates for a live Zoom (video call) meeting interview.

5) La Familia Ayahuasca will notify the applicants who are awarded the scholarship.

6) Scholarship recipient will confirm their attendance by putting down their 50% of the retreat cost.

7) Scholarship recipient will write a thank you letter (via e-mail) to the various funding sources (see funding section below).  Note: Privacy will be protected.

Preference will be given to:  Non-profit/NGO Employees, Educators, Care Givers, Alternative Healers (Accupuncture, Bodyworkers, etc…), organic farmers, and groups under-represented in the Ayahuasca retreat community.  NOTE: Please complete each step of  application process completely.

This scholarship is not appropriate for those working with current addiction issues or are working through extreme trauma.  These situations either require a time period longer than our retreats or additional shamanic protocols beyond what we can offer in our retreats.

Funding for the La Familia Ayahuasca Scholarship Program


  • Funding and scholarship awards will be as transparent as possible.

  • We will post and update the scholarship funding level/amounts in $USD on this page every month.

    Current Funding as of March 2020:  $USD $200


  • We will also post how many scholarships are awarded for each retreat.

  • La Familia Ayahuasca is committed to this program. Therefore La Familia Ayahuasca will offer a minimum of 2 spaces per retreat regardless of scholarship funding levels.  This is our “skin in the game”.

  • Funding will be largely based on donations from other La Familia Ayahuasca retreat participants and alumni.  Donations from the general public will also be accepted.

  • We will track donations very carefully.  This is such that each donor will receive a notification via a thank you letter from each scholarship recipient that benefits from the donation.  Note: Privacy will be protected.


    Donor A Donates $20 USD
    Donor B Donates $60 USD
    Donor C Donates $200USD
    Donor D Donates $400 USD
    Donor F Donates $40 USD
    Donor G Donates $1,000 USD

    Total Donations in the funding pool:  $1,720 USD

    When a scholarship of 50% of the retreat cost or $675 is awarded to a recipient, the scholarship recipient will, based on this example, write thank you e-mails to Donors A, B, C, and D for making it possible for them to attend the retreat.

    A donor may receive multiple “thank you emails” depending upon how their donation is divided amongst scholarship recipients.  Note: Privacy will be protected.

    The point being, each donor will see exactly where there donations are going and receive a “thank you” from each scholarship recipient.


How Can You Help With the La Familia Ayahuasca Scholarship Program?


  • Attend a La Familia Ayahuasca Retreat.  By attending one of our retreats you will help us with our commitment to provide 2 scholarship spaces per retreat.


  • Attend a La Familia Ayahuasca Retreat and “pay it forward” with a donation to the La Familia Ayahuasca Scholarship Fund.  Any bit helps:  $10USD, $20USD, or $1,000USD…it all adds up.