La Familia Ayahuasca Retreat Guest Contract 

These rules and guidelines serve both to prepare our guests for participating in our retreats and to create a setting that promotes a positive and safe experience. It is important that you follow these rules without exception. We have learned from experience the significance of following these rules and guidelines. 

It is important for you to read these rules and guidelines carefully. If you feel that you can not follow these rules, please do not book a retreat with us. Should these rules be broken, we will not hesitate to ask any guest to leave at our discretion.


La Familia Ayahuasca does serious spiritual work. This work is not always easy. In fact it can be quite challenging. That said, we do our best to do this work in a gentle, compassionate and often-times fun way. 

It is important that we all remember that everyone entering this work is different. Everyone has their own starting point and their own process. 

Occasionally there are times when some people feel a strong urge to leave a retreat early. This is because the energies that are cleaning out of your physical, mental, and energetic fields do not want to leave the body. These energies have “found a nice home” and do not want to be “evicted from their home”. These energies often influence and manipulate the mind into thinking that one must leave early. We have found that if one leaves early, while the work is not complete, those negative energies can get a stronger hold. We are doing this work to release such energies, not strengthen them. 

La Familia Ayahuasca needs to consider the safety and comfort of the entire group not just individuals. It is our responsibility to make sure everyone in the group is safe and comfortable enough to continue and complete their process. If a guest is disruptive in ANY WAY, La Familia Ayahuasca may ask a guest to leave the retreat early. La Familia Ayahuasca has absolute discretion in determining what is considered disruptive and when to ask a guest to leave due to disruptive behavior. 

If a guest breaks any of the rules outlined in this contract they will be asked to leave. 

Disruptions to the Group or Individuals 

Guests will respect the sacrament, La Familia Ayahuasca’s staff and other retreat guests during the retreat at all times. Overt or disruptive negativity directed towards La Familia Ayahuasca or other members of the retreat will lead to expulsion from the retreat. 

Sex and Romantic Relationships 

There is to be no sexual activity whatsoever between guests and/or staff during retreats with La Familia Ayahuasca. The environment demands abstinence from all sexual activity including masturbation. Should you develop a sexual or romantic interest in another person, we ask that you delay any physical displays or romantic expressions until the retreat is over. This is to prevent the potentially dangerous crossing of energies which can result from engaging in sexual or romantic behavior. 

Drugs and Alcohol 

All alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. 


Personal Property 

La Familia Ayahuasca is not responsible for any retreat guests’ personal property. 


La Familia Ayahuasca is not liable for the injury of any guest that may occur prior to, during or after their retreat. 

Dispute Resolution

All disputes will be resolved via arbitration and adjudicated within Guatemala.

Safety and Medical Conditions 

There are no doctors or nurses on staff at La Familia Ayahuasca. We do not provide medical care nor advice. 

Medications and Supplements 

Several medications and supplements, including but not limited to MAO inhibiting medications, SSRIs, anti-depressants (including St John’s Wort), and other medications should not be taken during this retreat.


In fact such medications mentioned above are very dangerous to mix with our sacrament. 


During a retreat with La Familia Ayahuasca guests are not allowed to take any sort of medications, vitamins, or supplements while on retreat. For your safety, people with the following health conditions will not be able to participate in a retreat with La Familia Ayahuasca:

  • High blood pressure.

  • Epilepsy

  • Hypertension, a history of hypertension or any history of heart issues.

  • Diabetes including "low blood sugar" and "hypoglycemia"

  • Someone taking MAO inhibitors, SSRIs, antidepressants or any anti psychotic medication.  Note:  if you are taking antidepressants, you may attend a retreat as long as you ween completely off your antidepressants 14 days prior to the retreat start date.

  • Mental Illness: If you are being treated for mental illness, you must talk with your doctor as to the use of Ayahuasca. If your doctor approves, you must stop taking any anti depressants or mood altering medications at least 2 weeks prior to a retreat with La Familia Ayahuasca.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

With 60+ days notice ahead of the retreat date= full refund. If a cancelation is received inside 45 -59 day notice window, we allow ONE re-scheduling for another retreat within 3 months of the original retreat date. If there is a cancellation within 45 days of the retreat, the guest forfeits the deposit.


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