El Agni Sagrado Retreat (The Sacred Fire Retreat)

San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

2019 Dates
November 18-25
December 27-January 3

2020 Dates
January 18-25

Feb 21-28

March 21-28

April 18-25

8 Days/7Nights

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

2 Holographic Sound Healing Sessions

Mayan Fire Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony

2 Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) Ceremonies

Organic Vegetarian Meals
Omnivore Option Available (Add $70)

$1425/Person Shared Lodging

$1525/Person Private Casita, Shared Bath, Double Occupancy


$1675/Person Private Casita, Shared Bath, Single Occupancy

$1600/Person Private Queen Bed w/Private  1/2 Bath, Double Occupancy

$1750/Person Private Queen Bed w/Private 1/2 Bath, Single Occupancy

Agni Sagrado; Into the Sacred Fire



In the light of the sacred fire just before dawn, the fragrant smell of burning herbs and copal bathes the space with a sense of resonating devotion.  


A delicate smoke laces the air and the faces of those surrounding the ceremonial fire are aglow with a clean, soft light.  


Perhaps it is from the sacred flame itself; perhaps it is from the pink dawn gently breaking over the volcanic peaks surrounding the lake; perhaps it is emanating from each seeker in the gathering, as the light of pure awareness awakens in their hearts, preparing them for the journey of the days and nights to come.


Fire is purifying and transformational, a sentient gateway through which to offer devotion and sacrifice those energies that do not serve us.   Fire is communal, bringing together tribe and travelers alike to celebrate the divine mystery with song, dance and ritual.  


Fire is a universal component of devotional rituals, so it is no surprise that the sacred flame is also the spiritual heart of the Aj Q’ij, the Daykeepers, as the Mayan Shaman are called.  The Aj Q’ij call on the fire to create a vortex of energy used as a portal to the spirit world, through which to offer prayers and receive healing. The Aj Q’ij believe that the Great Spirit speaks directly to them through the flame, and this communication is palpable for all those who are present to witness.


We begin our journey into El Agni Sagrado with a Mayan fire ceremony, to cleanse ourselves and seek permission from he spirits of the land to delve deeply into our healing work with Ayahuasca.  And as Ayahuasca is also known as a fire practice— a medicine that strengthens and activates the coyopa (the “lightening in the blood”, the Mayan equivalent of Kundalini energy), beginning with a sacred fire ceremony creates a synergy with the Medicine and sets the stage for transformational journeying.





Even the short journey from San Marcos, La Laguna up to Casa de Liberation is a path that speaks to the power of the Mayan fire ceremony, and the power of the space itself.  As one leaves the bustle of the little aldea of San Marcos and heads into the surrounding woods, the energy shifts as the energy of plants and the terrain begins to assert itself once again.  Within just a few paces, the forest becomes lush, and the presence of the surrounding peaks becomes immediately obvious.  As one approaches Casa de Liberacion, the energy shifts once again, to become dense and vibrating with sentience and sacrament.  This shift is palpable, and occurs as you pass a cliff overhanging three ancient Mayan fire circles.  


Casa de Liberacion itself is situated in an ancient ceremony grounds, and the architecture of the space amplifies this energy for the benefit of all who journey there.  It is a space designed explicitly for ceremonial purposes, inclusive of a sound temple where we hold ceremony.  The space holds and reverberates the energy and vibrations of the icaros and mantras, creating a crucible for transformational processes.  We feel honored and humbled to be allowed to work in the space and we are grateful to be able to share it with you.





As with all our retreats, the food is as organic and locally sourced as possible, and gluten free to honor your vessel!  Meditations will vary according to the needs of each group, but will generally include a focus on embodiment, heart opening, earth descent and pure awareness practices.

Curriculum Details:


  • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Mayan Fire Ceremony

  • 2 Holographic Sound Healing Sessions

  • 2 Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) Ceremonies

  • Post Ceremony Integration Circles

  • Guided Earth Breathing and Earth Descent Meditations

  • Setting: The retreat is set at the La Casa Liberacion (Click Here to see their webpage).

    The center is set above the village of San Marcos with amazing views.  It is a very quiet and secluded location with great views of the lake.

    The designer of the property took great pains to design the space specifically for work with Ayahuasca, using sacred geometry and paying close attention to acoustics- particularly in the Sound Temple where ceremony will be held.


  • Meals: The meals served here are delicious, local organic fare.  The meals are vegetarian, gluten free and there is an option for an omnivore meal plan.


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