For the Love of Gaia Retreat
Reconnecting to the Healing energy of Mother Earth


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


July 6-13

August 3-10

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8 Days/7Nights

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Mayan Fire Ceremony

Mayan Cacao Ceremony

Permaculture Farm Tour & Talk

Organic, Farm to Table Meals

Shared Lodging


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For the Love of Gaia

Reconnecting to the Healing Energy of Mother Earth


A retreat for those who wish to reconnect and reclaim the human experience as it was meant to be: 

Fully embodied, fully present, surrounded and embraced by the maternal energy of the planet who gave us life.


Modern life almost demands a constant state of disembodiment. Driving in cars, staring at screens, treading paved streets and living under florescent lighting takes us out of our bodies and into our heads. 


Is it any wonder that we feel a sense of “dis- ease” or that something is a bit “off”?  That we often feel distant from our perfect essence or nature?  That we feel disconnected from nature and our origins? 


These conditions of modern life not only serve to disconnect us from our very own bodies, but also disconnect us from the nourishment of Mother Earth.


The Earth is an extension of our physical bodies. There is nothing “woo” about it... we are literally co-breathing with the trees, the plants, every other sentient being and with Mother Earth herself. 


All the plants, psychedelic or not, have a wisdom and a sentience that is something far deeper than what most human beings could even conceive of, and the plants are eager to share this wisdom with us.


How did we lose this wisdom, and how can we reconnect to it? These are the questions we aim to explore… answer and heal.


There could not be a more perfect intention for a retreat-- For the Love of Gaia: Viscerally and energetically... even genetically... connecting back to Mother Earth, the Mother who provides for our every need.


In addition to vivid reconnection through ceremony, much of our time in this retreat will be spent in nature with Forest Bathing hikes, waterfall excursions and swimming in Lake Atitlan. 


Our meditations will be specifically focused on Earth Breathing and Earth Descent. Both meditation techniques focus on opening the root chakra and sacral chakra, or the muladhara and svadhishthana respectively.   


The root chakra is our direct energetic connection to the Earth. Our guided meditations will also focus on bringing Earth energy up through the root chakra, and into the sacral center. The sacral center is the seat of the body's innate source of abundance, the energetic womb,  the source of our creativity and our life force.


With these techniques you will learn, through direct experience, how we are connected to the earth and how we can re-claim the energy she so generously provides.


Curriculum Details:


  • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Mayan Cacao Ceremony

  • Mayan Fire Ceremony

  • Post Ceremony Integration Circles

  • Guided Earth Breathing and Earth Descent Meditations

  • Permaculture Talk and Farm Tour: Shad and his projects also have a special magic, and he is in obvious communication with the plants and the Earth in which they grow. We are honored that he will be part of our retreat, taking us on an intimate tour of his farm and the land around where we will be holding ceremony, and expounding the philosophy of permaculture, which has applications much father reaching than farming itself.

  • Setting: The retreat is set at the Bamboo House and on Atitlan Organics permaculture farm in the indigenous Mayan village of Tzununa. The guest house itself is constructed with bamboo and other natural materials.   It feels as if it's not been built, but perhaps just unearthed and meticulously excavated from the hill it sits upon.

    The view of Lake Atitlan from the infinity deck where ceremony will be held is at once ethereal and grounding.

  • Meals: The meals served here are local, and almost entirely sourced from the permaculture farm that Shad, the owner of Bamboo, runs and maintains.


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