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La Familia Ayahuasca

You change the world through healing yourself

Tepoztlàn, Mexico

Are you looking for highly trained and experienced shamans to guide you on your healing journey?

Do you want the highest level of personal attention during your transformational process?

Would you like to communicate directly with your shaman without the need for a translator?

If you answered "YES" to the above questions, you might want to explore more about La Familia Ayahuasca.

La Familia Ayahuasca consists of Three, Peruvian Trained Master Shaman, with over 23 Years of Combined Experience Working with Ayahuasca.  We have Guided over 2000 People on their healing journeys.

our retreats have a maximum of five guests each which means the ratio of shaman to guests is 3:5.  This allows for an exceptionally high level of attention and care during your retreat.
While being Peruvian Trained, our shaman speak english fluently.  This allows you to communicate directly with the shaman directly.  Any questions you have will be addressed without the need of a translator.


Healing the past and becoming your best- 

Zach and Jess have changed my life. They embody the sacred masculine and divine feminine in a way I had never seen before. I am continually moved and beyond grateful for how much they care for and give to each persons experience of healing and transformation. So much growth and transformation happened after my first retreat that I signed up for my second almost immediately after. After my second I decided to stay in Guatemala and continue doing the work while waiting to participate in my third. The work that Zach and Jess facilitate seems to speed the pace of change up exponentially. They are incredible guides to have on this journey. Zach’s style of “divine irreverence” makes heavy work seem lighter, and Jess’s strength/fierce loving presence inspires me beyond words. If you’re ready to do the work you couldn’t ask for better teachers/guides. - Andrea L. USA

One of the most magical experiences of my life..

I can not speak highly enough when it comes to the experience I recently had.. Words don't quite do it! What I can say is; Since leaving, I can't stop raving about these awesome humans and the magical space they create and hold for retreatees. I felt safe, cared for, respected, nurtured and able to be totally open and vulnerable. The food was exceptional, accommodation super comfortable and the other's within the group were all wonderful human beings. The ceremonies were incredible. I went to exactly where I needed to go. After each ceremony we all received the most beautiful support and guidance to have a greater understanding (and more meaningful processing) of our individual experiences. I would LOVE to bring people from my home country to Guatemala to heal and grow like I have been able to do. I can not recommend highly enough. - Hannah M.- New Zealand

Two words: Life Changing !

I would like to Thank Zach, jess and their beautiful Baby Bodhi for giving me one of the most profound and healing experiences that I have ever experienced by attending ceremony in May 2019. The loving and nurturing framework that they set up in their ceremonies is the exact structured framework that you need to do the work on yourself in a trusting, supportive and loving environment. Wherever you choose to go I highly urge you to do the due diligence on your shaman / healer. You need to vet your shaman and TRUST them in order to be able to do the work . This is of utmost importance – I am so grateful that mother Aya brought me to them. To anyone who is reading this and is called to do the “medicine” makes no mistake that you will be in very most capable hands with Zach and Jess... They walk the walk and talk the talk.They were a valuable bridge between traditional Ayahuasca knowledge and western reality. I TRUST THEM FULLY . They put so much energy into their work to facilitate your healing. They are truly empathetic human beings with a great sense of humour. They are truly skilled spiritual healers who are masters at their work- This is their agenda: to do whatever it takes to help you grow and heal and help facilitate your spiritual growth and happiness. The icaros that they are called to sing have a unique healing and soothing quality, you will never hear anything like what you will hear with them. Some of the most beautiful sounds my ears have had the pleasure and delight to hear. Surrender and Heal! With deep gratitude and thanks to Zach, Jess and La familia Ayahuasca. "let it go ....let it blow .......let the medicine in ....." - Wadih D (Australia)

 The Most Transformational Ayahuasca Journey I've Had- 

I've journeyed with multiple shamans and Zach & Jess are the best I've ever worked with. Here's why: I have yet to have an experience of a man and woman leading ceremony. Zach and Jess have an unbelievable balance of masculine and feminine energy that makes the journey incredibly dynamic... Zach sings a deep masculine tone and creates sounds that moves masculine energy and stirs things up... Jess sings like an angel and creates music that calms and relaxes. The combination is so unique. It's like dancing with the Universe all night long. They also set the context and expectations better than anyone else I've worked with. They are phenomenal and I can't recommend them enough. -Andy D. USA

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Trust-

"I have participated in many retreats with Zach and Jess, and will start off by saying they deeply embody and practice the virtues of Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Trust. Zach and Jess walk their talk and I am deeply blessed to have the many experiences of the Medicine with/through them. The sacred space that is created and held during, before and after ceremony is exquisite. The icaros that they sing are powerful and very healing. The food that I've had on retreat is clean, nutritious, and very nourishing. No matter what plays out in the ceremony setting, each of us is held deeply through the experience, without any judgement. The LOVE, compassion and wisdom that pours in through the individual blessings at the end of the ceremony help expand and intensify the deepening of the Medicine like nothing else. Trust in the sacred space, trust in the facilitators, trust in the experience, trust in every member of the group is what allows me to go deeper every time. I highly recommend Zach and Jess (LFA) to anyone looking to experience the Medicine and/or go deep with their practice. Their individual and collective offering and sacrifice to be clean, purified vessels for the Medicine, for the Divine, for Humanity and all Beings is very humbling and an endless blessing to all on the Path."  -Binnnie, USA

Space for Healing and Self-Discovery-

After years of psychotherapy and Western pharmalogical interventions for PTSD, I felt like I had reached a barrier. I had a deep desire to continue to dismantle the trauma I was holding onto, but found that words and medications were missing the root. It felt as though there were mental blockages, which in sessions felt like there was nothing else I could say about my experience yet I still had significant physical and mental symptoms of my PTSD. Looking for this missing link to unlock the unconscious ways I was clinging to my trauma, I began researching other treatments. I found research on various plant medicines to treat PTSD and was curious about ayahuasca, but on the fence. I came to Jess and Zach on a kambo retreat, not knowing they also led ayahuasca retreats. It was an auspicious meeting and I attended an ayahuasca retreat with them a few months later. The retreat was healing, restorative, revealing, and empowering for me. The physical space of the retreat is calming and comforting and reflective of energy and love that Jess and Zach put into it. The structure of the retreat maximizes your personal transformation as you are given opportunities to reflect and seek counsel on your experiences. You form an indescribable bond with the people on the retreat and in such a short time you develop a nurturing community. The work you do in retreat is hard, but you always have support and guidance. During the retreat, I faced feelings and emotional walls I wouldn’t have otherwise. I left with insights into my own journey and tools to integrate what I learned to bring about positive and systemic change in my life. Ayahuasca is and will continue to be an integral part in my journey to understand and move through my PTSD. I only wish I had found Jess and Zach sooner and that this powerful medicine was more widely used!- Jessica B, USA

Profound and Inspiring-

I have attended 1 retreat with La Familia Ayahuasca and my experience was profound and inspiring. Zach and Jess went above and beyond the entire weekend to help me connect with myself and the medicine. Though there was a group of us in attendance, I didn't feel 'lost in the crowd.' I felt personally cared for and supported throughout the experience. They both have so much wisdom and love to offer. I highly recommend them to my friends and family who are seeking this type of spiritual retreat. - Andrea P., USA


I can't say enough about Jess and Zach. Their knowledge of working with this medicine is excellent. I've sat with a number of other groups over the last 11 years but the balance they bring with combining the masculine and feminine is truly unique. They provide a safe and healthy container for anyone's journey. Highly recommended....oh yea Jess has the voice of an angel. - Paul and Heather C., USA

Extraordinary medicine carriers-

As experienced travelers with Ayahuasca will say, it is difficult to put into words the beauty and profound nature of working with this medicine. Jess & Zach exemplify the spirit of Ayahuasca. You will be fully supported through your journey with them, as I’ve experienced many times. These two are some of the highest vibe people I’ve ever met; the more time spent with them, the better. They are big-picture amazing. Beautiful icaros & professionally structured ceremonies...I wish I could participate on a more regular basis. Thank you Jess, Zach, Ayahuasca, and all those I have met through doing this work. My life is greatly improved. Big love to you guys and your service to the world - Dana P., USA

You will become family-

Ayahuasca is probably not for everyone. Each person should make that decision after thorough research, medical consultation etc. Choosing the Shaman/maestro to open your psyche to must be done with care and “due diligence”. Zach and Jess were the perfect choice for me. I had never experienced ayahuasca before. Decades of recovery and antidepressants made me extremely cautious. Zach helped me through the titration process. So when I went to my first ceremony I was off antidepressants for the first time in twenty years. Zach and Jess open their home and their hearts to you. This is an extremely personal, safe and loving experience. I would trust them with those closest to me and I am. - Christian L., USA

Words Can Not Describe-

"Words can't really describe how amazing my experience with La Familia Ayahuasca truly was. It was my first time (of many to come) sitting with Zach and Jess. What can I say besides wow?!!? The purity and high vibration of the space that Jess and Zach help create is second to none in my experience. Both are incredibly powerful healers and guides in their own unique way. I highly recommend the retreats offered as a way to connect with ones higher self, heal and cleanse."  ~Meniyka  (artist, producer and healer) 

Life Changing Experience-

"My retreat experience with Zach and Jess was in summation: life-changing. The knowledge, care, and love that both Zach and Jess put into their work is incredible. The environment was so open and accepting and it was incredibly comforting to be surrounded by nonjudgemental like-minded individuals for the entire experience. I learned about more myself and the way the world works during one retreat than I have in years of schooling. The adventure is very challenging, but so beyond worth it for anyone who wants to stretch their mind and open themselves up to the secrets of the universe. Much love and respect and gratitude for Zach & Jess! I will be back for more retreats." - Elise, USA


"I feel so grateful to have been given such a beautiful and powerful intro to Aya. Thank you both (Zach and Jess) for your love and humor and dedication to being clear vehicles for delivering Aya's medicine... and for helping me feel so safe and taken care of the whole time.  I had the thought, "I am NEVER doing this again" in the middle of the last night, and now I'm already thinking about when I can receive the next level of teachings from Aya. :) "  -Ying, USA

Deep healing in a safe and comfortable environment-

Zach and Jess really care about the retreats that they lead, and it shows in the every aspect of the retreat experience. The meals are delicious, the ceremonies are perfect and the guidance that Zach and Jess provide will help you integrate you experience into your everyday life. I'm so happy and thankful that I've met these wonderful people. I honestly don't think that anyone else can host a more awesome retreat. These guys really are the best.- Randy H., USA

Amazing Experience-

La Familia Ayahuasca (Zach and Jess) run transformational retreats. Their deep knowledge and experience with plant-medicine combined with their respect for the tradition is exactly what I was looking for. Throw in their beautiful and powerful voices and articulation of the Icaros in a safe and caring environment and you simply cannot go wrong. I would recommend LFA to anyone who wanted to do beautiful, serious, transmuting work.- Maureen C., USA

A beautiful medicine family-

I trust these people with my life. They are the most kind hearted and impeccable humans I have ever met, and doing a retreat with them is always the right choice for me. I consider it a great privilege to know Zach and Jess, and the skill and compassion in the work they do is absolutely infectious. My life has been elevated to beautiful heights since meeting them, and I know that I will work with them for the rest of my life, inspired to grow into the person that they wholeheartedly know I am to be. Thank you!- Beau T., USA

Community and Connection in a Safe Container-

Zach and Jess hold the sacred space well. I feel like I can dive deeply into the Medicine because the environment is safe and contained. Further, their personalities and presence foster connection amongst the participants. This is particularly important when it comes to integration and sharing. They are approachable and lovely people who are building community and doing amazing work. I highly recommend La Familia Ayahuasca.- Andrew L., USA

The most amazing shamans and experience anyone could ask for. Zach and Jess provide a retreat like no other while brining together a vibrant bunch of individuals that create a community. They offer a tremendous amount of insight into the medicine, the integration, and tools necessary to fully integrate your experience. No one i would rather recommend. Truly amazing individuals committed to guiding an amazing ceremony every time. - Nick P., USA


This is one of the best experiences of my life!! I've been to many places around the world, but La Familia Ayahuasca really is something special. If you're looking for an awesome time with great people, this is it. I learned so much about my self in such a small amount of time & the learning keeps going. I am definitely sticking with La Familia Ayahuasca & not going anywhere else!! Seriously Blessed. Much love - Juan Z. USA

My highest endorsement without hesitation- 

When seeking such a powerful exploration of self, my greatest consideration is the host and the environment. My experiences with Zach and Jess have exceeded my every expectation. Their ability to facilitate and hold a loving and supportive space for all they serve is awe inspiring. - Jesse J., USA

I have been doing medicine (Aya and Dieta) work with Zach for almost five years. It has been life changing. To have such a gifted Shaman helping you along your own personal, spiritual path in life is a true gift an blessing. Once you find the right mechanic or barber in life you dont want to change. It just works. That is Zach. And to add his phenomanal wife and assistants to the mix, there are no words or phrases that can describe the complete work that is done on oneself when doing a retreat... - Scott P., USA

An experience that will forever be a part of you.-

My experience at La Familia Ayahuasca was one I will never forget. Zach and Jess work with medicine in such a way that allows individuals to be taught, healed, and cleansed during the retreat. They are caring and compassionate individuals who have so much to offer the world and anyone seeking an opportunity to learn and grow should seriously consider spending time with the both of them. Looking forward to my next opportunity to visit and meet new people who you will always share a bond with!- Nicholas V., USA

Great for beginners, even better for the experienced-

I've sat with Zach and Jess 9 times now. I'm looking forward to my next retreat. If for no other reason, I choose to sit with them because they put my safety and health first. I've experienced profound personal insights during their ceremonies. Aside from the medicine (which is incredible) here are some highlights: • Amazing food - seriously, I never eat this good. • Beautiful music • Great sense of humor • Integrated ceremony - I find the embodiment exercises and group-share dialog during their retreats to be incredibly stabilizing and tender. 5 gold stars, two thumbs up. If you're looking... you found it. -Ryan E.

Wonderful human beings who make you feel right at home-

Hi to anybody who is reading this right now. My name is Jacob and La Familia Ayahuasca are really such fantastic people. When approaching this sort of spiritual work it can be quite nerve racking beforehand, especially if you've never done a retreat before. That said, Zach and Jess  really made me feel welcome and as comfortable as possible in order for me to have such a meaningful and life changing experience. I've never done any other retreats with another group before and I wouldn't plan to unless Zach or Jess recommended them personally. I highly recommend going through La Familia Ayahuasca and hope you, whoever is reading this, will have an amazing experience like I had with them and with Ayahuasca!- Jacob G., USA

Amazing People and Amazing Experience - 

Zach and Jess as well as many of the other beautiful people I have met through them have been instrumental in helping me walk my path. The work done in retreat is unlike anything I have every experienced and well worth it. Being a relative 'newby' to any medicine work, I of course had some initial hesitation but this group has welcomed me in and allowed for me to feel comfort, support and guidance. I am excited to sit in future retreats with them. - Johnson Y., USA

There are no words...-

There really are no words to describe how life-changing and positive my experience has been working with Zach, Jess and La Familia Ayahuasca. But I'll try. They create a safe and supportive space for personal work and healing, without being too heavy-handed with personal philosophies, methods, or techniques. They give the individual the needed space to do their own work and they are always there to give more support when needed. While grounded in a traditional lineage, they are also open and understanding of other viewpoints and perspectives, and beautifully weave more Eastern teachings and elements into the high-vibrational sacred space they create. I can't recommend them enough to anyone called to do this work.- John C., USA

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